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Corporate Donations

Community-minded businesses wanting to help support LHBH’s mission of improving the physical and emotional well-being of Tucson-area seniors and children with special needs may wish to consider underwriting part of the cost of our capital-improvements program. As a nonprofit operating under severe budgetary constraints, LHBH does not currently have the funds for a number of much-needed additions and upgrades to our physical plant. Below is a list of capital expenditures that we’d like to make but can’t without corporate support. Please note that certain donations provide signage or naming opportunities so that local-area businesses can let the community know of their support for LHBH’s important work.

  • Shading 
  • Fold-up wheelchair
  • Defibrillator
  • Livestock blower
  • Roll out trailer awning
  • Halters and lead ropes
  • Fly masks
  • Arena equipment

To contribute any of the above items to the efforts of Little Hooves & Big Hearts, please contact Tammy Mockbee at 520-896-2820.