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Our Horses


DOB: 6/22/10
Height: 45 1/4″

Bill is one half of our driving dynamic duo. Shy but mischievous, he works hard at play but let’s his half brother pull the load.



DOB: 6/4/10
Height: 44 1/4″

Bob, better known as the handsome one, is the other half of our driving team and big brother to Bill. Laid back and always a gentleman, Bob is strong yet easy to drive.


DOB: 8/22/01
Height: 32”

Possessing a positive self-image, Chico likes to think he’s head of the herd. In addition to playing around in our arena with the other boy minis, he loves to be groomed. Chico is teamed with Merlin for visits to nursing homes, assisted living centers and hospices.


DOB: 3/22/02
Height: 31 ¼”

Daisy is laid back and easy going, with an “it’s going to be alright” attitude. She is patient with anyone who happens her way, and people of all ages find themselves calmer and more confident in her company.


DOB: 6/2/13
Height: 32”

When on the job, Dash is laid-back like his father, Cash. He loves kids and stimulates their curiosity through his playfulness. During free time Dash likes to play with a giant pink ball that’s twice his size!


DOB: 5/9/05
Height: 31”

Dolly is Lillie’s traveling partner and playmate. Children are drawn to Dolly’s calm demeanor and soft brown eyes. Possessing a “can do” attitude, she is one of our most accommodating minis and works easily both in the arena and indoors at nursing homes, assisted living centers and hospices.


DOB: 6/22/14
Height: 33”

Jasper’s our latest addition, born at our facility and foal to our gentle Savannah and Cash. Although still in training he brings joy and entertainment to our clients and families. Even at his young age, he shows signs of a gifted therapy horse.


DOB: 4/14/00
Height: 37 ½”

Joe is our pretty boy, with a long white mane and tail that are the envy of all the girl minis. Despite his matinee-idol looks, however, he is unusually shy. Normally teamed with his pal, Moe, Joe is our hardest-working horse.


DOB: 7/10/98
Height: 36”

Full of energy and a real beauty, Leanne loves to gracefully “strut her stuff” in our arena. She is also a highly sensitive animal with a gift for “reading” people. Leanne’s empathy makes her extremely useful in the client-assessment process at LHBH.

Lillie Jean

DOB: 6/23/06
Height: 31 ¾”

With us at the creation of Little Hooves & Big Hearts, Lillie Jean is our mascot and a favorite among our clients, staff and volunteers. Even though she is the youngest and one of our smallest minis, Lillie is the herd leader. She especially enjoys visiting seniors and bringing smiles to their faces.


DOB: 4/25/05
Height: 33”

Lillie’s best friend, Mae is the most athletic of our minis. She loves to jump the hurdles and play with clients on the obstacle course. The more kids around Mae, the happier she is, and young and old alike find themselves completely at ease in her presence.


DOB: 5/15/97
Height: 33”

Merlin is our magic man, casting his spell over all who meet him. Easy going with a gentle disposition, he gets along with everyone, including both humans and other horses. LHBH’s clients, staff and volunteers are especially drawn to his big, beautiful and expressive eyes.


DOB: 5/9/01
Height: 38”

Our tallest mini—perhaps an oxymoron—Moe is one of our hardest-working horses. Often paired with his buddy, Joe, to pull a cart and driver, he is our little Marine, as tough as they come.


DOB: 4/23/93
Height: 36”

Savannah is a kind, gentle and mellow soul. If our horse herd were a wheel, Savannah would be the hub. Even people who tend to be afraid or nervous around horses become relaxed in her presence, often finding themselves stroking her soft muzzle. In the company of Savannah, insecurities melt away.


DOB: 5/12/10
Height: 30.5”

Our littlest horse, Scout may look scruffy in his winter coat, but don’t let that fool you. Scout came to us in need of nourishment and love. He’s blossomed into one of our most empathetic, gentle and kind minis.